Book review – House of Holes

One of the books I read recently is House Of Holes. And what a treat it was!

First, before I get all academic on us here, let me describe how I felt while reading it. It was a combination of surprise, naughtiness, playfulness and joy. It made me wet in the best of ways – light and fun – and not for too long. It made me want to enjoy it one piece at a time, so that it keeps delivering on good sexy lusty vibes. Made me want a good hard cock fucking me, jerking off next to me, filling my mouth, sometimes one at a time and sometimes all together.

You know how your dreams jump from one thing to another without explaining stuff, and without a lot of questions? Things in dreams just feel… natural. They flow easy – when the dreams are good.

House of Holes does that well. Jumps around, from weird and surreal social situations, to cock and wet pussy. Fantasies that play out like stroking the big cock of that guy you salivated over the entire night and was hoping he wouldn’t be a creep and indeed he’s nice and knows what he wants and he’s into you and both of you know it’s just the sex but you go fuck him because you’ve been craving sitting on his cock for an hour now while he was talking to you about his startup. It’s just a hypothetical example, not that that ever happened to me.

Pro tip: read it with somebody you’re fucking. What a good way to break that routine that settled in simply because you’ve been fucking regularly for a while.

It’s a joyful book that will make you wet and give you ideas to try. Or at least license to go easy on each other, and play around.

Its playfulness is contagious in the best of ways. Go read it, let me know what you think!